5 Remarkable Points of Sunshine College

Sunshine College has been selected as an “adequate school” by Tokyo Immigration Bureau. The great advantage of being adequate school is some of the required documents are absolved for applying the student’s visa.

We support you to find an apartment and part-time jobs.

Sunshine College has a long history of Japanese Education.
All of the classes are conducted by well trained and experienced teachers.

Sunshine College is located in Ikebukuro, central area of Tokyo. It is easily accessible by public transportation, and you can enjoy school life!

Sunshine College has vocational school (college) courses related to Business and IT subjects besides Japanese course. Also we have University degree course (following the program of Tokyo University of Social Welfare, our affiliated school). Thus, there is no anxiety to find the next stage of education after the completion of Japanese Course.
Furthermore, we have job hunting support system. You will get individual guidance to get a job in Japan.

Outline of Japanese Course

Course Characteristics

Learn useful expressions in daily life.
Practice to express yourself in easy sentences.
Experience Japanese culture and history to get to know Japan deeply.

Target certificate examination

Obtain over 200 points in Examination for Japanese University admission for International students(EJU).
Pass N2 or higher level in Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT).

Career after completed Course

Continue to study in college / vocational school and University in Japan.

(For Applicants residing outside Japan)Application Requirements・Application Documents

Application Requirements:
Applicants must meet one of the following educational criteria:

  • ① Those who have completed a minimum of 12 years formal education outside Japan.
  • ② Those who are otherwise recognized by Sunshine College as having a qualification equivalent to the above.

※If you completed less than 11 years formal education under your country’s educational system, please contact us beforehand. We will confirm the Immigration Bureau whether you meet the requirements to enter college and university in Japan.

Application Procedures

Application Period

We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken. Please contact us in advance.

April Admission October Admission
From October 1 to November 30 in the preceding year From April 1 to May 31 in the same year

Required Application Documents

Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Required Documents by Applicant

Document Notes
Application Form (Prescribed Form of Sunshine College ) Make sure to fill out all sections of the form correctly.
Certificate of Graduation from the school where applicant last attended. Must submit the original document.
Academic Transcript
Personal Records Form (Prescribed Form of Sunshine College, Including “Purpose of Study”) Explain the reason for studying Japanese, and your future plan after studying Japanese. Describe in your native language.
Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese such as JLPT Certificate of Results and Scores , Result of J-Test etc. Document to prove over 150hours of Japanese study.
(It may be unnecessary for those who are from specific countries. Please contact us in advance.)
Certificate of Employment (Only for those who have work experience)
Certificate must include letter head which states company’s address and telephone number.
4 Identical Photographs (4cm×3cm ) Photos must be taken within last 6 months, showing a front view above chest level without headwear. One of the photos must be pasted on the application form.
※Photo prints from personal computer is unacceptable.
Photocopy of Passport. If you do not have a passport, it is not necessary.
Family Register(Copy) Only for Chinese.
Both Sides of ID card(Copy) Only for Chinese.

Required Documents of financial sponsor residing outside Japan

Document Notes
Letter of financial sponsorship (Immigration Office Prescribed Form) Explain the reason for financially supporting the applicant in detail. You may write in your native language.
Document to prove relationship between applicant and financial sponsor. Birth Certificate etc.
(If you are self –sponsoring, it won’t be necessary.)
Balance Certificate issued by a banking facility (Must be Original Document ) Must show the amount in Local Currency, Japanese yen, or US dollar.
Savings Cirtificate Only for Chinese
Copies of Bank book or Statement of account (Last 3 years) Only for applicants from China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, and Myanmar.
Certificate of Employment Must include letter head which states company’s address and telephone number.
Certificate of Income (Last 3 years) Must state your position and amount of income.
※If you run your own business, submit a copy of company registration
Certificate of Income Tax (Last 3 years) It is absolutely necessary if financial sponsor is a proprietor in China

How to Apply

  • All application documents must be submitted by representative directly to our office in principle.
  • If certificates are issued in your country, those are only valid for 6 months after the date of issue.
    If certificates are issued in Japan, those are only valid for 3 months after the date of issue.
  • For documents that are neither written in Japanese nor Chinese nor English, please attach notarized translation in English.
  • Those who are from Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong need to submit only “Letter of Financial Sponsorship”, “Bank Balance Certificate”, and “Certificate of Relationship”.

Required Documents of financial sponsor residing in Japan<If financial sponsor resides in Japan>

Document Notes
Letter of financial sponsorship (Immigration Office Prescribed form ) Explain the reason for financially supporting the applicant in detail. Must Affix Registered Seal (JITSUIN).
Certificate of Resident Registration
Document to prove relationship between applicant and financial sponsor Certificate of family registration, Birth certificate etc.
Account Balance Certificate issued by a banking facility
Copies of Bank book (Last 3 years)
Certificate of Employment If you run your own business or you are on the board of directors, Submit a certificate of company registration.
Those who are self-employed, submit copy of blue or white tax return form.
Certificate of Income, Tax Payment (Last 3 years) Must submit one of the following documents.
-Tax payment certificate issued by tax office.
-Tax declaration certificate〈part1〉and 〈part2〉 issued by city/town/village office.
*Must show annual gross income of the financial sponsor.
Certificate of Seal-Impression Must be the same seal placed on “Letter of financial sponsorship”

Screening Method

  • Application screening is based on all submitted documents and interview with an agent who submits the application documents for an applicant.Japanese written exam and interview will be given to applicants as needed.
  • Upon acceptance, school process and send documents to the immigration bureau for Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Please note that only those who have enough ability/qualification to pass the entrance examination of higher educational institution in Japan would be approved by screening of application documents.

Application Fee and Method of Payment


Payment for Application Fee can be made by bank transfer to the designated bank account, or in cash at our office.
※Once the payment has been made, application fee is not refundable for any reason regardless of the results of the screening.

School Fees

For the 1st year

Entrance Admission Fee Tuition Fee Facilities Fee Miscellaneous Student Fee Special Scholarship for International Students Total
Amount after special scholarship deduction
JP¥80,000 JP¥600,000 JP¥40,000 JP¥45,000 ▲JP¥35,000 JP¥730,0000

For the 2nd year

Tuition Fee Facilities Fee Miscellaneous Student Fee Special Scholarship for International Students Total
Amount after special scholarship deduction
Spring Semester JP¥300,000 JP¥20,000 JP¥50,000 ▲JP¥30,000 JP¥340,000
Fall Semester JP¥300,000 JP¥20,000 - ▲JP¥30,000 JP¥290,000
  • School Fees for the 1st year must be paid in one lump sum. Installment payment is not acceptable.
  • Payment for School Fees can be made by bank transfer to the designated bank account, or in cash at our office.
  • Please note that no refund will be made even if your arrival has been delayed.

※If you have other visa status besides “student”, such as “Long Term Resident” or “Dependent” etc., Entrance Admission Fee is JP¥30,000, and Tuition is JP¥43,000 per month.

School Fees and Method of Payment

Amount: JP¥720,000 (School Fees for the 1st year)
After Certificate of Eligibility is issued from the Immigration Bureau, please transfer school fees for the 1st year mentioned above to the designated bank account below.
Pay in cash at our office by applicant’s acquaintance residing in Japan as an agent is also acceptable.
Right after we confirm your payment, we will send you the original of “Certificate of Eligibility”.

Designated Bank Account: Bank Name: Mizuho Bank Ltd
Branch Name: Ikebukuro Branch
A/C Name :Sunshine Gakuen (Sunshine College)
A/C No. :1377787 (Savings Account)

※Under no circumstances will any payment made be refunded. However, only when the applicant’s visa application has been rejected by Japanese Embassy/Consulate, the payment (except application fee) will be refunded.

Application Procedures


Sunshine College Submit Application Documents.
Payment of Application Fee

Sunshine College

Sponsor, Guarantor, Representative etc. Notify the result of screening of documents

Procedures for Successful Applicants

Sunshine College

Tokyo Immigration Bureau Apply the Certificate of Eligibility

Tokyo Immigration Bureau

Sunshine College Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility (If approved)

Sunshine College

Guarantor or Agent Send Copy of “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Certificate of Admission”

Financial Sponsor

Sunshine College Payment of School Fees

Sunshine College

Guarantor or Applicant Send Original Certificate of Eligibility and Certificate of Admission


Passport Issuing Authority Apply for passport


Local Japanese Embassy/Consulate-General Apply for Visa


Sunshine College Entry to Japan

Students' Voice

All of our teachers at Sunshine College are very kind and enthusiastic as well. They are trustworthy and devoted like my family in China. They teach us with a sense of humor, so we enjoy learning during class. Also, they teach us Japanese songs on every Thursday, and I like it very much! Further, we have field trips twice a year that give us opportunities to visit famous and traditional places. We went to Edomura in Nikko lately, and it was very interesting seeing some Ninjas. I could make a lot of friends from various countries at school. We are helping each other to improve our Japanese inside and outside of the classroom. I’m having a great student life at Sunshine College.

I came to Japan from Viet Nam in April 2014. It was very hard to adjust myself to the life in Japan at the beginning because everything was so new. However, my teachers and classmates encouraged me all the time, and I’m getting used to the life in Japan. Moreover, the experience through the part-time job gives me opportunities to learn practical words & phrases and living culture. I’m sure that all experience in Japan will be a precious memory in my entire life.

I’m from Nepal, came to Japan in October 2014. Teachers at Sunshine College are very kind, and they support our learning in accordance with the ability of each student. So, we can learn further about Japanese language, culture, tradition and other practical things in daily life. Also, if we study hard and successfully, we’ll have a chance to get a scholarship by the Japanese Government. This made me motivated to study harder, and in fact, I could get the recommendation to get a scholarship from Sunshine College!

I am grateful to my teachers at Sunshine College for their kindness and passionate guidance. My teachers conduct every class with a variety of teaching techniques to enhance our learning, and it really helped me improve my Japanese. Now, I have got to be able to express my opinion in Japanese although I couldn’t speak at all when I came to Japan. I had a lot of precious experiences at Sunshine College. Sunshine College is my second home and the teachers are my second family as well.

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